Dolphins are the symbol for high spirits, joy, extraordinary intelligence, healing modality, success, flexibility, speed, solution-orientation, ease and grace. They are masters of communication through tones, sonar, frequencies, telepathy, "bubbles" and more.


The Dolphinspirit is the essential core energy field which with the dolphins are connected to energetically. Simply dive into this boundless oceanic intelligence ~ right in the city ~ right in your daily life ~ and use the genial Dolphinspirit for your quest. An astonishing ocean of solution is waiting for you. I would be happy to accompany you individually and personally. Interested? Contact.



Delphys  is an innovative communication system, which is based upon the principles of the Dolphinspirit, which are connected and activated by its comprehensive and far reaching qualities. My access to Delphys developed over a long-time experience and research of oceanic energies as above and so below the sea ~ and with the sensitive support of my accompanying teachers. It keeps on revealing on and on.


Delphys could be described as energy-system, which operates in connection with the "dolphinfield" (~"Dolphinspirit"). Delphys is a reflection of light in water. These light-frequencies are not noticed immediately as light by most of the humans. The communication frequencies of Delphys transmit themselves as their own language. This can be described approximately  by shapes, colors, and frequencies, who create a connection to the energies of the heart intelligence. In that way the Dolphinspirit can flow easily over the heart and can be felt there ("Lightheartspark").

The Dolphinspirit communicates with it over the universal communication-grid. It is brilliant: the energies can be applied for a huge variety of topics. During the transmission of these specific energy-patterns ~ solutions can come up. Delphys initializes the possibility to vibrate in this "Dolphinspirit". Basically this leads to a noticeable harmonization. At the beginning in most cases stands a softening of blockages. This can give you clarity, power and obviously more well-being and an increased joy of life can flow. It is not required to have contact physically with dolphins in the ocean. A tuning-in and connecting with these energies can be established and transferred in any location at any time and also independent of distance. 

Simply jump into it ~ with Delphys!                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                      Just flow with the Dolphinspirit...