~ Joy and ease in your life 
                ~ Wholistic health-prevention


               ~ Consulting & Coaching 



                  ~ Clarity

                  ~ On Land or in the Ocean ...

 Delphys ~ wholistic health prevention,  communication. On our journey through life something can go lost or vanish into deep oblivion, sometimes a bundle of questions arise, where you do not know exactly where to address to and more...
Dive into the Oceanic Consciousness - right in the city and use the Dolphinspirit for your quest, e.g.

  • ~ Joy of Life
  • ~  Vitality~Healing
  • ~  Heart~Communication 
  • ~  Inner~Balance
  • ~  Ressource~Orientation
  • ~  Ease and Grace  
  • ~  Success

You want to dive deeper into your topic? Welcome! 


Jenny Helen Sadzik                                                                                                                                                        Just flow with the Dolphinspirit...